Akira Nishiguchi

Akira Nishiguchi

Akira Nishiguchi
Birth name: Akira Nishiguchi
Also known as: Black Gold Medalist
Born: December 14, 1925
Osaka, Japan
Died: December 11, 1970
Cause of death: hanging
Number of victims: 5
Span of killings: October 18, 1963–December 29, 1963
Country: Japan
State(s): Fukuoka, Shizuoka, Tokyo
Date apprehended: January 3, 1964

Akira Nishiguchi (?? ?, Nishiguchi Akira?, December 14, 1925 – December 11, 1970) was a Japanese serial killer and fraudster. He is most known for being able to confuse Japanese police into believing that he was only connected to fraud rather than the murders. While engaging in confidence scams, he murdered two people, was put on the most wanted list, and killed three others while escaping. The police also regretted that they didn’t find Nishiguchi, who was found by an 11-year-old girl. A prosecutor called him “the Black Gold Medalist in history”.[1] Ryuzo Saki published a book about Nishiguchi, which became the basis for the film Vengeance Is Mine. His crimes were the direct catalyst for the creation of the Japanese “Metropolitan Designated Case” system.


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