Aleksandr Rubel

Aleksandr Rubel

Aleksandr Rubel (born 25 December 1980) is a serial killer convicted of six murders in Tallinn, Estonia. Sentenced as a minor to the maximum punishment allowed by law — eight years of imprisonment — he was released from Tartu Prison on 8 June 2006.


Rubel was intoxicated with gasoline vapours during all his murders.

On 19 September 1997, Rubel killed Tõnu Põld (born 1952), a handicapped house neighbour. According to Rubel’s testimony, he had a desire to kill anybody at that time, and he picked this first victim in the hope that he would offer little resistance.

On 7 November 1997, Rubel’s second victim was first stabbed by his father, Andrei Rubel, who stabbed Aleksei Pavlov (born 1963), a guest, four times. According to his testimony, Andrei Rubel had thought Pavlov had been courting his wife. Subsequent to the stabbing, Aleksandr Rubel helped Pavlov into an empty room in the house, where he strangled him and then threw him out of the third floor window. Andrei Rubel was convicted as a participant in this murder, and sentenced to seven years of imprisonment.

Between the 22nd and 24th of January 1998, Rubel stabbed Jevgeni Shelest (born 1947) to death in the Stroomi Beach.

On 2 February 1998, Rubel decapitated Vladimir Ivanov (born 1954), a random passerby using an axe after asking him a cigarette and five EEK “for gasoline”.

On 9 February 1998, Rubel killed Olga Voronkova (born 1944), a house neighbour, in the house where they lived – Kopli 100B.

Between 28 February and 1 March 1998, Rubel killed Vladimir Kinzerski (born 1944) in his house.

On 4 June 1998, Rubel killed a 15-year-old girl Alice Siivas (born 22.02.1983) in Paljassaare by cutting her throat.


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