Allan Legere

Allan Legere

Allan Legere (born 1948) is a Canadian serial killer, also known as the Monster of the Miramichi. He escaped custody in April 1989 while serving a life sentence for the murder of a shopkeeper, John Glendenning, and remained at large for seven months.

During this time he committed four more murders, arson, and multiple rapes, before being recaptured. Rewards of $50,000 were collected for the information that led to his arrest.

His trial featured one of the first Canadian uses of DNA fingerprinting; despite his lawyers’ argument that the relatively shallow gene pool of the Miramichi region could easily lead to false positives[1], Legere was convicted for a second time in 1991.

It is largely suspected that Legere may have killed a fifth victim while he was on the loose. This was never proven, however, due to little evidence at that crime scene.[citation needed]

As of 2008, he was one of only 90 prisoners held in Canada’s maximum security Special Handling Unit (SHU).


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