Arnfinn Nesset

Arnfinn Nesset

Arnfinn Nesset (born October 25, 1936 in Norway) is a Norwegian nurse who became one of the most notorious serial killers in Scandinavian history. He was convicted on 18 March 1983 of poisoning 22 patients with Curacit, a muscle relaxing drug, at a Geriatric institution in Orkdal, Norway where he was the director. During the investigations he claimed to have killed several more over many years both at this and other institutions where he had previously worked, but later retracted several of these statements.

Curacit becomes increasingly difficult to trace in a corpse as time passes. Consequently, the earliest murders Nesset confessed to having committed were impossible to investigate.

After a two year investigation and a five month long trial (where he was accused of murdering 27), he was found guilty in the murder of 22 people and sentenced to 21 years in prison; the maximum punishment possible by Norwegian law. Released in 2004, he is presumed to be living at an undisclosed location in Norway, under a new name.


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