Saeed Hanaei

Saeed Hanaei

Saeed Hanaei or Said Hanai (???? ?????, died April 8, 2002) was an Iranian serial killer.


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Hanaei targeted female prostitutes, in the eastern city of Mashhad. He often targeted drug addicts, because he felt that he was helping rid the city of moral corruption.

The killings were referred to as the “spider killings” by the Iranian press due to the fact that Hanaei lured the women to his home and had sex with them before strangling them and dumping their bodies. Hanaei killed 16 women before he was apprehended by the police.


Following a high-profile case, he was praised by some fundamentalists. He was found guilty and hanged at dawn on April 8, 2002 in Mashhad Prison.

In popular culture

The incident was the subject of the 2002 documentary And Along Came a Spider.

Shock rocker Alice Cooper’s 2008 album, Along Came A Spider, is a concept album, following Hanaei’s crimes.


  • Tehran Resalaat July 30, 2001

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