Terry Blair

Terry Blair

Terry A. Blair

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Background information
Born: 16 September 1961 (1961-09-16) (age 48)
City, State
Number of victims: At least 7
Span of killings: 1982–2004
Country: U.S.
State(s): Kansas City, Missouri
Date apprehended: September 14, 2004

Terry Blair (born September 16, 1961) is an American serial killer, who raped and killed at least seven women in Kansas City, Missouri.


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Family history

Terry Blair was born into a family which would have many encounters with the criminal justice system. He was the 4th eldest of 10 siblings, born to a mother who had only finished the 9th grade and suffered from mental illness.[1]

Brother, Walter Blair Jr: while in jail for a separate incident Walter met a man who offered to pay him $6,000 to kill a woman so she could not testify at his rape trial. Katherine Jo Allen, 21, was the alleged victim. He confessed to abducting Allen from her apartment before taking her to a vacant lot and shooting her as she pleaded with him to spare her life. He was convicted of murder and was executed in 1993.[1]

Half Brother, Clifford Miller: was convicted in the 1992 abduction of a woman from a bar. He shot the woman in the arm and drove her to an abandoned house before raping her repeatedly and beating her until she passed out. She suffered a gunshot wound, fractured skull, broken jaw and smashed cheek bones. She spent two months in the hospital, recovering. Clifford Miller was sentenced to two life sentences plus 240 years for charges including kidnapping, and forcible sodomy.[1]

Mother, Janice Blair: fatally shot Elton E. Gray, but got off with probation after entering an Alford plea, meaning she did not admit wrongdoing but acknowledged the government had enough evidence to convict her.[1]

Terry Blair had already spent 21 years incarcerated for murdering the mother of his two children (Angela Monroe), pregnant with a third, prior to being charged with these additional 6 murders. According to court records he was angry with her for performing acts of prostitution.


Below is the list of victims Terry Blair was convicted of killing:[2][3][4][5]

  • Angela Monroe
  • Anna Ewing, 42, died on or before July 14, 2004, due to strangulation and broken neck [6]
  • Patricia Wilson Butler, 58, died on or before September 2, 2004, due to strangulation
  • Sheliah McKinzie, 38, died on or before September 2, 2004, due to strangulation and broken neck
  • Darci I. Williams, 25, died on or before September 4, 2004, due to strangulation and broken neck
  • Carmen Hunt, 40, died on or before September 4, 2004, due to strangulation
  • Claudette Juniel, 31, died on or before September 4, 2004, due to strangulation and broken neck

Blair was also accused in 2 other murders (Sandra Reed and Nellia Harris), an assault, and three rapes. Since convictions were gained in the original six murders, there will probably never be a trial on the remaining charges.


On October 15, 2004, Terry Blair was charged with eight counts of First Degree Murder, one count of First Degree Assault, and three counts of Forcible Rape.[7][8]

Terry Blair avoided the possibility of the death penalty by agreeing to waive his right to a jury-trial. He was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for the murder of his first known victim, Angela Monroe. After being released early (after only 21 years) he was convicted of killing six more women. For these additional six murders he received a life sentence, with no possibility of parole.

Blair is currently housed in the Potosi Correctional Center in Mineral Point, MO.


The case of the 7 homicides he was convicted of is featured in the episode “A Serial Killer Calls” of the TV show The First 48. The episode follows detectives as they receive information of the death of the first woman all the way up until his capture.[9]


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